A few words about The Art of Living Conference…

It was our pleasure to present The Art of Living – Life Beyond Cancer conference.  We hope that those who attended found it valuable, and we appreciate the feedback we’ve received.  We would also like to say thank you to our wonderful volunteers for helping to make our conference a huge success!

“The reason a conference like this is important is because it is an opportunity for survivors to discuss the reality of survivorship. The issue has to do with how cancer survivors are represented in the media – we are obsessed with the beautiful people. Lance Armstrong, Christina Applegate, Cheryl Crow, and Jon Lester are not reality. These are survivors, each amazing in their own right but they are just as much a distortion of reality as the anorexic teen models are to young women. The dirty little secret is that while most survivors are doing well, they are also struggling with issues that are a direct result of their cancer journey. A conference like this honors this reality by acknowledging the concerns and offers
them the tools to overcome them.”

– Richard Boyajian, RN,MS,ANP, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Lance Armstrong Foundation – Adult Survivorship Clinic

“For me, attending the Friends of Mel conference was a turning point in my recovery after treatment. It’s one thing to be grateful for the end of the breast cancer experience and get ready to move on with life. It’s quite another thing to do it! Each session strengthened my resolve to balance lingering medical issues with renewed plans for the future.

Empowering speakers turned out to be role models, compassionate organizers and attendees turned out to be friends, truly making this a life-changing experience.”

– Lenor Ciarlone, attendee

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