I will cherish my bracelet forever

I was on a well needed family vacation/ reunion in Bermuda. I traveled from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. My story like many of you is one of great loss and heart break. My Mom died of Breast Cancer one year ago in May and we put my Mom to rest on a Saturday and the next day was Mother’s Day, she was only 64.

I miss her every single day. I am the oldest of three daughters and I do think my Mom blessed my Dad with 3 girls because she Knew we would rally behind him and always walk by his side through the loss of his childhood friend and love of his life. My Dad and Mom were married for 43 years. My middle sister lives in Bermuda so this is why my family decided to vacation there together. I had not been back since my sister was married in Bermuda 15 years ago. It was on a visit to the Cancer Centre in Bermuda with my 2 sisters that we found our bracelets in support of Mel. I know that Mel and my Mom must be pals, I will cherish my bracelet forever.

– Cathy

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