My Father

When I was young, my father was very fat. But as I grew up my father became very thin so our family decided to go to the hospital to see whats going on. The doctor told us that my father had cancer. At that time I was too young to know the meaning of cancer. I thought it was just like a cold that would go away. We were in the Philippines but we were Koreans.  It seemed like my mom was worried and I was left in the Philippines continuing my studies.  My parents went to Korea to the biggest hospital there. That time I was in my friends home. She was my best friend but after a year she left for Korea and only her aunt was left and I lived with her till my mother told me to go home to Korea. I thought it was just a visit but i arrived at a graveyard kind of place where you say bye bye before you get buried.. So I was so scared to go in there and see my dad. My mom was there but it seemed like I was alone, After that day I had a mom only but my dad in my heart. I don’t have a mel’s bracelet but I’m going to have one right now it seems like this bracelet might help me when i miss my dad.

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