My mother died

My mother died from inflammatory breast cancer 7 years ago. Before that I didn’t even know there was such a thing. She was diagnosed on May 1st and died July 27th. She really didn’t have much of a chance to fight but spent most of that time in the hospital or rehabs. The one part of this experience for her and our family were the people we me, mainly the nurses. One one ocassion I went with my mom to the Dana Farber for a chemo treatment and she met several nurses who were wearing a Mel’s bracelet. She asked about it, like most people do because they are so beautiful, and they shared Mel’s story and their stories of why they were wearing them. I knew right then I had to get one for my mom. That was her last chemo treatment and she never got her bracelet. When the one I had ordered arrived I knew I had to pass it on to someone and there began our family tradition of Mel’s bracelet. The first one I gave was to my sister in law who cared for my mom when she was ill like she was her own mother. From there it was my sisters and other sister\’s in law, friends, survivors and those battling. Though my mom lost her fight as well as several other relatives sharing Mel’s bracelets have been a way of keeping my mom alive and the warm care that she shared with everyone when she was alive continues even with her gone. Thank you Mel.

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