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Good Morning Friends of Mel,

After a projectpink game with the Boston Breakers this weekend, I was emotionally moved with the beautiful pink uniforms the team wore and found myself searching for Friend’s of Mel once again. Because of what this organization stands for and after Tweeting projectpink, I decided to follow friendsofmel.  What I realized is that I only made a temporary contribution and wanted to share my story and it goes like this…

I was on a Delta flight and a very Classy Lady / Flight Attendant came by for preflight checks and I commented on her beautiful bracelet. She handed me a card and told me a story of how Mel’s Bracelet came about. I could go on but it would seem as though it might be about me. But it isn’t! It’s about Mel and so many other Women fighting this horrible disease.

So I purchased Friends of Mel’s bracelet sets and gave one to my Mother-in-law, her dearest friend, my wife and my little baby girl Jess as a gift for the holidays in remembrance of Mel, her fight and the friends that supported her. I explained what this bracelet stands for and how I came to learn about it.

At that time, my Mother-in-law was battling breast cancer and her dearest childhood friend was too. It is so sad that these two amazing women would have to endure such pain but are so proud to wear Mel’s Bracelet and not give up. My Mother-in-Law is doing well at this time but sadly her friend is not. She remains strong however and never forgets to send me a birthday or father’s day card. I only wish the best for her… She’s an Old School Somerville lady that would make you laugh at her foul language and funny stories. She’s owed that much and can get away with it! Go Get ‘Em Carol! We Love You! Thank you so much for being my friend!  Thank you Friends of Mel.

– Frank M.

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