5th Annual Conference, November 14, 2015
Marriott Hotel, Quincy, Massachusetts

Keynote Speakers:

Matthew J. Loscalzo, LCSW – City of Hope
Executive Director, Supportive Care Medicine
Liliane Elkins Professor in Supportive Care Programs,
Professor, Population Sciences
Trauma to Treasure: Finding Strength Through Life Challenging Experiences
Cancer presents a profound challenge to living a “normal” life but also provides survivors an opportunity to create a path for living that is consciously chosen. This presentation will focus on the inherent strengths of individuals to build a future based on lessons learned from their cancer experience.

Susan Leigh, BSN, RN
Cancer Survivorship Consultant
Founding Member, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
Roadmaps & Safety Nets: Planning for Life With, Through & Beyond Cancer
After a cancer diagnosis, individuals and loved ones begin a journey of survival through “seasons” or stages that require different choices, decisions and resources. A shift from passive patient to proactive survivor helps to foster a sense of hopefulness and cautious optimism when planning for life with, through and beyond cancer.


We are busy working on the workshops and curriculum for the wonderful day.  Stay tuned!


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Comments from Conference:

  • “The conference was wonderful! The only issue I had was that there were so many great sessions. I couldn’t decide which one to attend!”
  • “the conference exceeded my expectations. It was a turning point in my recovering. Thank you so much! It was so well organized, welcoming, useful and not sentimental.  I felt empowered.”
  • I enjoy learning from other cancer patients and being encouraged.  Getting some great info from experts knowing I am not alone in my struggles.  I hope I encouraged others…as well.”

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