Our Story

Who Is Mel?

Mel Simmons exuded life. She brought her energy into every room she ever entered, every life she ever touched. Mel loved people and took them as they were, on their terms.

Sadly, Mel lost her battle with cancer almost five years to the day she was diagnosed. But not before leaving her mark on every person who had the good fortune to cross her path.


Mel´s Bracelet™

As a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines, Mel had many colleagues who would bring her souvenirs from abroad. She delighted in giving them as gifts to the oncology nurses and fellow patients while she was in treatment.

Shortly after Mel passed away, those who received the bracelets as gifts began wearing them in her honor. Mel´s Bracelet™ has become an icon for friendship, support, love, and community that started with one person and has grown to include many other people’s touching stories.

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